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Tax Me If You Can: Ethnic Geography, Democracy, and the Taxation of Agriculture in Africa. 2007.   American Political Science Review 101(1), 159-172.   


Ethnic Minority Rule and Civil War Onset. (with James Fearon and David Laitin).  2007.  American Political Science Review 101(1), 187-193.

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Separate and Suspicious: Local Social and Political Context and Ethnic Tolerance in Kenya. 2013. The Journal of Politics 75(4), 921-936.



 When do the Rich Vote Less than the Poor and Why? Explaining Turnout Inequality across the World (with Pavithra Suryanarayan).  2015.  American Journal of Political Science 59(3), 613-672.

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Does Local Ethnic Segregation Lead to Violence?: Evidence from Kenya. 2017. Quarterly Journal of Political Science 11(4), 441-470. 

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Unfinished Business: The Democratization of Electoral Practices in Britain and Germany (with Isabela Mares). 2017. Comparative Political Studies 50(5), 636-664.

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Bureaucratic Capacity and Class Voting: Evidence from Across the World and the United States (with Pavithra Suryanarayan),  Journal of Politics, forthcoming.

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working papers & work in progress

Electoral Quotas and Intersectional Discrimination: A Lab-in-field Experiment on Leadership Selection in Kenya '' (with Jonah Foong and Macartan Humphreys)

How do Violence and Local Resource Competition Change Local Ethnic Demography?: Evidence from Kenya

Ethnic Conflict and Turnout Inequality in Africa


resting papers

Electoral Geography and Conflict: Examining  Redistricting through Violence in Kenya


Colonial Legacies and Ethnic Mobilization in Rwanda and Burundi in the 1950s

Ethnic Beachheads and Vote Buying: The Creation of New Administrative Districts in Kenya, 1992-2001


Selecting an Imperial President: Opposition Coalitions and the Kenyan Presidency, 1991-2002

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